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The Friendly Farm Faces of Lentedal

Meet the friendly farm faces of Lentedal – they’re friendly and will undoubtedly be lurking in close range to cellar door to greet you.

The morning starts with a sunrise call from our most bossy resident, Geoffrey the bantam Rooster, the expectation is that we all start our day bright and early.  The brood of hens generally aren’t too far behind.

The slightly larger residents can be heard neighing shortly after, growing restless to enjoy their morning walk out to the paddock with Lentedal owner David. William was one of Lentedal’s original residents – he came to us from neighbouring friends and has been absolutely doted over the years by family, friends and customers. He’s a gentle giant with a deep love of carrots.

Milly & Shadow the brother sister duo love nothing more than cuddles on the couch by the fire or curling and purring around our legs as we tend to the vegie patch or the vineyard.

The turkeys – we’re pretty sure they’re the loudest residents and anyone who has visited the Lentedal Cellar Door has no doubt met the flock. They’re friendly, they travel in a pack, lead by Basil and love being hand fed by our customers. Sybil, our only female turkey to survive the throes of foxes, has now just produced three adorable little chicks!

Oh and did we mention that we now have 30 guinea fowl too?! Sybil our turkey is so fond of the guinea fowl that she generously sat on and hatched one of their chicks. Yes, the friendly farm faces of Lentedal are one big happy family.

We have grown our troop slowly over the last few years but there’s still one fury four-legged friend missing and he’ll be here to meet you all in December – so watch this fury space.

Geoffrey the bantam Rooster

William & Link 

Milly & Shadow